What they’re saying about Meet George Brown…

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[On the “Paper Hearts” video] It’s a brilliant video and sublime song.  Absolutely love it and played on my HCR104fm show. – Simon BB, A Different Beat on HCR104 FM

This has all the warmth and quality of the major releases from The Eagles and CSN, back in the day.  Critics often use Bowie and The Beatles as critical benchmarks for reference – because of the sheer SCOPE of what they wrote, created, and recorded.  But such comparisons are valid.  [The Meet George Brown EP] capture[s] such beauty, and joy, and whimsy… with the sweet kiss of nostalgia. – AgentA Douglas, on Twitter

[“Paper Hearts” (Dancing in the Wind)] It’s a great track and loved it. – Stuart Clack-Lewis, The Premium Blend Radio Show

Just playing a stunning song “What’s It Like In Denver Today?”.  Wonderful track.  Beautiful music. – Simon BB, A Different Beat on HCR104 FM

You really have that sound nailed, the Laurel Canyon sound – Pete Beech, The Tarns

[“Paper Hearts (Dancing in the Wind)”] That’s a great tune! – James Tucker, Presenter on Koast Radio

Keep up the great work! – Matt Barker, the Matt Barker Radio Podcast

Open Spotify and check out this brilliant EP by Meet George Brown.  8 fantastic songs! – John Oxley 777 on Twitter

We have enjoyed hearing your music and look forward to many more releases – Andy and Jane, The Monday Mix on Switch Dunmow

If you’re not listening to Meet George Brown, go listen for all the cool happy summer jams – Katherine Nelson, Editor at The Odyssey

Just heard your song on ‘A Different Beat’ (HCR104 FM), lovely song!  Look forward to hear more from you – Jamie Stocker

The whole EP is brilliant.  Stunning music – Simon BB, A Different Beat on HCR104 FM

Absolutely digging this! – Lunar Rogue on Meet George Brown’s EP

“Paper Hearts (Dancing in the Wind)” is delightfully catchy with a big dose of feel-good thrown in which I think you guys are going to love! – Carla Gordon-Cotter, Editor at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb

Go listen to the EP – Meet George Brown’s album has a wonderfully whole and complete sound that will take up a place in your heart and your music library. – Katherine Nelson, Editor at The Odyssey

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Crosses and interlaces with so many genres.  This album reflects the roots of gentle folk rock and pours out a memory of positivity that existed back in the day … all perfectly transmitted by George Brown and the musicians on “Meet George Brown”.  Probably another contestant for the “folk-not-folk” debate, “Meet George Brown” is best taken at face value … and simply enjoyed. – Tim Carroll, FolkWords

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Yeah, that’s just fabulous!  –  Niki Tyler on Niki Tyler’s Unsigned Pop Show, EGH Radio, after playing “Paper Hearts (Dancing in the Wind)”

The instant I heard the simply beautiful guitar work, it brought me back to the mid to late 70s.  I’d buy an album of just your guitar music, it’s so pretty … Keep up the nice work!  –  John’s Mum on Twitter

Super excited to take you with me when I’m studying and in the car.  Thank you for inspiring me to always pursue my dreams. –        L. Dam


I looked you up on YT.  You have the #LaurelCanyon sound DOWN.  Timeless 70s Cali poet vibe.  Well done!  – AgentA Douglas on Twitter

THINK: #LaurelCanyon #Eagles #JoniMitchell #JamesTaylor – AgentA Douglas on Twitter
from the biggest Joni Mitchell and James Taylor fan I know! – Warren “Dean” Martin
This song is seriously VERY good. You should listen… – AgentA Douglas

I love this song. VERY evocative of another time in music… a better time. The legacy of Laurel Canyon continues to bear offspring. In the case of new artist Meet George Brown, that is a wonderful thing! GREAT song! – Doug Armstrong on YouTube, commenting on “Paper Hearts (Dancing in the Wind)”