Happy New Year!  

I hope you all had a great Christmas break.

Yesterday I woke to see that my tweet announcing the release of the Meet George Brown EP had been liked by Michael Walker.  Yes!  THE Michael Walker!  Michael Walker of Laurel Canyon fame.  Michael Walker whose book made sense of my music life and therefore changed my life.  (In case you missed it the first time, here is my post about this amazing book)

“So it was that Nash, Stills, and Crosby sat in Mitchell’s living room on Lookout Mountain, in the heart of Laurel Canyon, in the epicenter of L.A.’s nascent rock music industry, and for the first time, began to sing together.”

Reading this line, the last sentence of the first paragraph of the preface to his book “Laurel Canyon: the inside story of rock and roll’s legendary neighbourhood”, for the first time was when I knew everything had changed.  For the better!

So to wake up to see that Michael Walker had liked my release tweet was a great start to a great day.  A great start to a great year.

Happy New Year!

Listen to “You Don’t Have to Cry” by Crosby, Stills and Nash here.  This was the first song that they sung together.  And read about that first time in Michael Walker’s book.

(Every Thursday, I write a Facebook post called “Thoughts on Thursday” where I share a few lines on my own musings.  As of today, I am changing it to “Thoughts and Thanks on Thursday”.  This post has been taken from today’s Thoughts and Thanks.)