Track worked on:  Denver (studio short name for the longer, more proper, “What’s It Like In Denver Today?”)

Instrument worked on:  Vocals

In the Key of:  A (although at the beginning and towards the end of the day, varying shades of the key of A)

Number of Takes:  7

Number of Successful/Useful Takes:  2.5

Coffees consumed between Felix and George:  approximately 10

Teas consumed between Felix and George:  approximately 10

Hourly rate of caffeine consumed:  approximately 2.66 cups

Lumps of sugar per cup of tea (towards the end of the day):  0 – Felix;  3 – George

References to Boney M made by George: 5

Silences/sighs/eye-rolls by Felix in response to references made to Boney M: 5

Activities undertaken to rev up energy levels:  dancing (Felix and George), star jumps (just George), squats (attempted by George), more cups of coffee and tea (Felix and George)

Tracks danced to:  “Brown Girl in the Ring” (chosen by George and lovingly obliged by Felix); a much cooler dance track (chosen by Felix and loved by George)

Work rate:  100%

Fun rate:  100%

Work to Fun ratio:  1/1